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Jumat, 02 September 2011

Drama Quotes

Ada banyak alasan kenapa saya suka nonton drama korea, diantaranya karena para cast nya enak dipandang, ceritanya menarik, banyak pesan moral, episodenya tidak terlalu panjang dan ternyata banyak sekali qoutes keren dari drama-drama yang saya tonton.

Boys Before Flower

“Can you hear me? While you’ve been away, I’ve thought of you every day — but why do I only remember us fighting? Still, isn’t it odd? I only remember us fighting and getting mad all the time, but when I think about you, I laugh. You’re okay, right? When are you going to come back and fight with me?” – Jan Di

“Good shoes take you to good places” - Seo Hyun

“This time I realized that you and I are from different worlds. We met as though in a dream, but now it’s time for us to return to our own worlds.” – Jan Di

“I haven’t lost to you and I am not running away either. You’re the worst person I’ve ever met. I’m leaving because I don’t wish to connect the ones I love to you. I’m just sorry that I can’t save the one person I love the most from you.” – Jan Di

“Guys don’t do things for no reason in front of the girl they like. There’s always a reason. I’m speaking from experience, so you can trust me.” – Ji Hoo

You rather than stay with her when I make things so difficult for her. I didn’t even want to imagine it, but if I had to, I thought the other person must be you, that you were the only one it could be. But still, I can’t do it.” – Jun Pyo

“I don’t know anything about him. But I know how special you are to him. He looks so sad to me, but there are times when he smiles, warmly enough to melt the heart of anyone who sees. You’re the only one who can make him smile. If you leave like this, he may not smile again.” – Jan Di

“One, I don’t mess with nice girls. Two, I don’t mess with foolish girls. Three, I absolutely don’t mess with girls connected with my friends. You know all three apply to you, don’t you? My answer is no.” – Yi Jung

“Children… when in front of what they really want, they don’t hesitate. If they lose it, they know they’ll start crying.” – Ga Eul

Personal Taste

“That’s right, I was like that then. Even when I was forced to suffer such indignities, I was a fool who couldn’t even say a word in my defense. But no more of that now. I suppose he must of changed me.” – Kae In

“I raced to the death, hearing people call me crazy. I raced to the death, but I’m always just a child. A child who couldn’t do anything when his father died. So unjust it makes me crazy. There was nothing I could do. Just a child hitting the wall. No matter how far I run, I’m always in the same place.” – Jin Ho

“A person like you has never waited all day for a phone call from the person you like. Or felt that your heart might burst, just from looking at this person. You could die and come back from the grave and never know. The person who made me feel that way told me to come outside. No matter how wrong he was, I want to hear him out. What can I do? I’m just built like this, so what can I do?” – Kae In

“Love does not ask you to discard your pride, it’s about protecting a person. Don’t do this in the future. Don’t believe people so easily. Don’t fall in love so easily. Don’t forgive easily either. Please… become stronger.” – Jin Ho

Princess Hours

The weird thing is hearing that she’s “not beautiful enough” and “not suitable to be the Princess”. The more I hear that, the more I am attracted to her.” – Yul

“Those words were from my heart. For the first time in my life, I said those words with meaning. You stepped on my first confession not as a Crown Prince, but as a man to a woman. I don’t know since when, but we both came along the same path. Just as you shook me, you brought my heart out of my hidden cave. Just like my heart was broken, I became more and more curious of you. I wanted to see you and with the mere thought of you, I smiled silly. You made me into a fool. After you make me into a fool, you bring up divorce? The person who stole my heart is not me, but know clearly that it’s you.” – Shin

“Because I didn’t like you at first. Why did some random girl butt into my life with her big staring eyes, asking me this and that. When I listened to your words, it felt like my life was all fake. All the things that I once believed were real, felt fake within seconds. Sometimes I think about this often. But sometimes I would ask myself, will I be able to live without you? All in all, I bet I could live without you. People will always get adapted to the new environment slowly. I lived without you for 19 years, I could get used to my normal life without you. But I might miss your presence. Because of you I was tired, fought with you and all those time when we made up. I think it became a habit now. Like as if I don’t do something that I haven’t done daily, I feel empty.” – Shin

“There are times that I want to let you go, but sometimes I wouldn’t want to let you go. So before my heart wants to let you go, growing old together is not a bad idea.” – Shin

“To meet such a good friend like you was great, but I can’t give you my heart, yet you keep looking at me. Long time ago, Shin said that stars have a reason to die, and so do humans. 2.5 million years. When those 2.5 million years pass, they say that you might even meet the people you know again. I may be leaving his side now but… I think in 2.5 million years, I’ll still like him.” – Chae Gyung
You’re Beautiful

You were almost there… just one more step and you would’ve found me.” – Shin Woo
“Then I can’t hold on to you. I wanted to be able to see you well when you came back, so I was trying to see even in the dark. Every day, I even ate the carrots and spinach I hate, because I worried that I might lose you in the dark. Because I didn’t want to lose you. But I can’t even hold on to you when I can see you well.” – Tae Kyung

“It’s not a crime to like someone.” – Jeremy

“Even so, the moon has its uses. Rather than pointlessly brightening up an already bright day, it gives light on a dark night. Isn’t that useful?” – Mi Nam

“When I thought you were a guy, I was okay with it. When I found out you were a girl, I was okay with it. But if you like him, I can’t be okay with it. Why? Why wasn’t it me? I told you about my treasure bus, and I let you close to Jolie and I was going to sing a song only for you. Why don’t you like me?” – Jeremy

“He’s like a bright, shining star. When I receive that light, I feel brighter and also darker. When it’s bright I get my hopes up, and when it darkens I feel disappointment. I hate myself for this and feel ashamed.” – Mi Nam

“You can’t even see anything properly! You’re well-off on your own, so bright on your own that those around you can’t see in the dark! You can’t see anything properly and you don’t know anything, so why are you acting like this? Why are you angry with me, who’s just trying to endure? Just leave me in the dark. Who asked for you to look at me?” – Mi Nam

“That writer wrote, ‘Everyone who doesn’t love is guilty.’ That means that anyone who loves, no matter who they love, is guiltless.” – Jeremy

Playfull Kiss

"A person's feelings don't have one answer like a math problem." - Episode 14, Playful Kiss

"If you find something you like, your heart will beat fast."- Episode 5, Playful Kiss

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

“I lied to someone and because of that lie, that person’s holding a very heavy burden. So heavy that they’ve had to give up their long time dream. I want to tell that person the truth so that they can lay that burden down, but I think it’s too late. I’m afraid that the person won’t forgive me. What should I do?” – Yoon-hee

“How much more must I do? Because of you, how much longer must I do such foolish, pathetic and stupid things that I normally wouldn’t do?” – Sun-joon

“If living isn’t better than dying… then what am I? Go. Just go and live the way you want and disappear.” – Yong-ha

Don't cry all the time, if you keep doing it, it will become habit
Don't lie, if you keep doing it, it will become a habit
Don't run away, if you keep doing it, it will become a habit
I kept repeating his words and one day it became my habit – Jae Shin

Dream High

 “Truthfully, whether these students have potential… I don’t have the answer. But of one thing I’m certain. That these students, more than anyone here, want to fly… because they love the stage like crazy, because their dream is so beautiful, they believe that their road is a happy one. Telling them not to start because they might get hurt… is cruel, is it not? I think loving something like crazy is potential. I saw that potential today. So trusting that potential, I want to tell them to try and fly. I don’t know how big their wings are, but I want to tell them to start. And to make sure the road is happy, I’m going to put my full strength behind them.” – Oh-Hyuk

“I’m sorry for not taking your dream seriously. Once I had a dream of my own, I realized… that there are no dreams that should be laughed at in this world.” – Jin-gook

“Your drama has a long way to go before it’s over. So don’t force yourself to go quickly. If you go slowly, you can see a lot more, in more detail, than the people who go quickly. If you ask me who would grow more between those two, I’d say it’s the one who goes slowly and sees a lot.” – Oh-hyuk

“You said before that you wouldn’t give up. That you would pull me up. Go ahead and pull me out. Please… pull me out.” – Sam-dong

“Do you know what it means to become an adult? It means there’s less and less to smile about. So we’ll have to smile even more, even if we have to force it.” – Sam-dong

“It doesn’t matter who she has in her heart. I like that girl. I like her if she likes you, and I like her if she hates me. She just has to be nearby.” – Sam-dong

“They say that there are two types of happiness. One is a happiness that you realize after the fact and the other is a happiness you feel in the moment. That happiness you feel in the moment is so precious that they say that the memories of this kind of happiness can stay with you and enlighten your life. Maybe we’ll go on remembering this moment today, like that kind of happiness… that we can remember for the rest of our lives, the moment when we shined.” – Jin-gook

“I’m not going! From the beginning, you were music to me, and music was you. That’s why I came this far. If you’re not there, there is no music.” – Sam-dong

City Hunter

“I know better than anyone that every single day is a war for you, and every moment is a struggle, so how can I lean on you? How can I ask you to protect me too? I’m going to become someone that you can lean on. I’m going to become stronger. So I can protect you.” – Nana
“That woman isn’t even worth getting jealous about. If you’re doing this to push me away, you don’t have to. My feelings are my own – I never forced them on you. If you still want to push me away, then at least date someone good enough that I can accept it. I’ll get properly jealous then.” – Nana
“Coming to like someone in life… I never imagined it even once. But, now that I think about how hard it would be for you if something were to happen to me… I can’t take it. The memories between you and me… I don’t want to leave any behind. Kim Nana, I like you. But, I don’t have the confidence to let you go. That’s why, you let go of me first.” – Yun Seong
“Listen to me, I beg you. In case I come to find you, don’t accept me. Even if we run into each other, you ignore me first, cut me off first. I’m sorry for having you know me, for making you waver. Why my father told me not to love… I fully understand now.” – Yun Seong
“A hundred times a day, thousands of times, I resent it and resent it even more. Why did I have to meet you? Why did it have to be you? You make me resent… and blame myself. You are someone who makes me regret. You’re like a nightmare I don’t want to remember. Didn’t I tell you? Go back to the time when you didn’t know me. Go back, and meet a man better than me and live a happy life everyday. Forget a punk like me and live happily. Please live that way.” – Yun Seong
“After it all ends, can’t you tell me once that you will come back to me?” – Nana
Secret Garden
“She drives like a car racer. If she witnesses someone’s purse being snatched, someone she’s never met in her life, she’ll throw fists. She has no money and her body is covered in scars, but she doesn’t want to spend even one second of one minute with people like us. She’s that kind of woman. I’ve never seen a woman as cool as her. That… is my answer.” – Joo Won
“There are things that are thought of as fantasies merely because they’re far away. Starry bodies are like that. Just as it is with people who are too beautiful, they readily disappear – In the books that I’d read to find out what he’s really like, this was a passage that had long settled in my heart. It’s now that I realize it, how beautiful a person he is. And therefore, how far away he is from me. He’ll disappear someday, too, like people do when they’re too beautiful.” – Ra-Im
“Where on earth is a woman who’ll jump at the chance to happily and beautifully cultivate a love that’ll just turn to bubbles? Nowhere in the world is there a woman who will start a love, giving up the ending. That’s why we’ll never work. We have no answer.” – Ra-Im
“The thing about women is, the most common of women can become a queen, and the most rarefied woman can become a maid – according to how she is treated by the person she loves.” – Seul
“Do you like decorating trees? I hate it – I hate making a ruckus on anyone’s birthday but my own. But… I thought that you would like it. You only like things that I hate.” – Joo Won
“Since what age did you become so pretty?” – Joo Won
“I’m thinking of doing everything now, including this stupid act of waiting for someone in front of their house so you should do the same. You have no thoughts of becoming the little mermaid, so that’s why I’ll be come the little mermaid instead. I’ll be right next to you as if I am not there and disappear like foam. So right now, I am the one shamelessly hanging on to you.” – Joo Won
“Are you that weak? Even if the distance seems far, run after him. Even if it feels like he isn’t next to you, grab on to him.” – Seul
“All around the world there are 230 countries, and among those people I can speak 5 languages. Nevertheless, I can’t find the exact word to define our relationship.” – Joo Won
“Open your eyes. You did something strange and stole my heart, you made me drink something strange and stole my body, showed up at someone else’s party and stole even my lips. If it wasn’t for that, there is no reason for you to look so pretty in my eyes.” – Joo Won
“From now on, no matter what you do I’ll still like it, no matter what you do I’ll still forgive you, for the sole reason that you’re alive.” – Ra Im
“There are only two types of girls: the type that you marry and the type that you play around with and then break up with. But you’re somewhere in between.” – Joo Won
“It’s not because I love you, but because I only love you. If I don’t have you, then I won’t have any other choices.” – Joo Won
“Being unable to eat and sleep is the basic thing. Waking up in the middle of the night will become a daily routine. Because the one you love has turned into someone else, you also can’t whine to each other for the fear of being scolded by that person. So, you cry by yourself. But what hurts the most is that person doesn’t actually miss me like the way I do. It’s like that person has forgotten about me and is simply being happy alone. All you want to do is die, but you can’t die either… because you’re scared that you won’t see that person again.” – Seul
“Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. This is a mental illness. It is like looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. It is as if you are living in a fantasy world of a fable. This is an interesting and sad syndrome. I’m sure that I have that syndrome. If it’s not it, then why the heck does my every moment with the ordinary girl feel like a fable?” – Joo Won
”If some man tells you that he’s fallen in love with you at first sight, just punch him. It’s just another way of saying that he wants to go to bed with you.” – Joo Won
“Don’t fall in love with another guy. For the rest of your life, live alone and think of me. This is perhaps the most selfish decision I’ve made in my life.” – Joo Won
“You just hang up the phone whenever you feel like it. When I come to find you, you get angry. When I try to buy you food, you get even angrier. Even worse than that, you hit me. You’re a completely strange woman… but that’s exactly the problem. You’re so strange that I find you, puzzling and amazing.” – Joo Won
“You’re really pretty when you’re mad.” – Joo Won
“Do you need more miracles? There was already a miracle. A woman with no decent family background, no money, no good looks, is someone very special to someone who has everything. Isn’t that a miracle? Be honest. When I was clinging on to you, I know you said “go away, disappear”, but inside you were going KYA!!! Right?” – Joo Won
“We still don’t have a single wedding photo. But we live every day, loving and being loved, living a magical life. Maybe being in love is a lot like swapping souls. May your soul have flowers that bloom, a cool breeze, a shining sun, and… once in a while, a magical rain that falls.” – Ra Im
“I hope you’ll see the things I see. You’ll stand at the window where I stand, and lie down in the bed where I lie down, and read the books I read. If we could be together, even in that way… then that’s enough. Let’s think of it as being together. That’s enough for us to consider ourselves as happy as other lovers.” – Joo Won
Gil Ra Im will always be stuck between two different worlds, when I’m done with you, you’ll disappear like foam on the sea.” – Joo Won

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