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Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

GIF crazy little thing called love

Shone: Once upon a time, there were two squids who had traveled until they met each other. They fell in love and decided to get married. On their wedding day, the Squid Priest told them to hold hands. So they held each other’s hands. And they held hands, and they held hands, and they held hands, and they held hands…
Nam: P’Shone — crazy… but cute.
Shone: The teller or the squids?
Nam: *looks dreamily ahead* The teller… Eh, the squids.
Shone: *smiles*

Nam: Shone, I have something to tell you. I like you very much. For three years, I had done everything — I changed because of you. I applied for classical dancing club, acted on a play, became a drum major, studied harder — it’s all because of you. *tears up* But now I know, the thing I should have done a long time ago is tell you that… I love you. *she gives him the rose, he accepts it. Nam reads the “Pin loves Shone” written on his shirt* …You and Pin? Since when?
Shone: Just a week ago.
Nam: You and Pin, you’re good together. I hope the best for you two.
*Nam fell in the pool. Shone offered to help her but she didn’t accept his hand.*
Shone: Nam, are you alright?
Nam: *makes the ok-sign but walks away crying*

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